The Wedding Collection at LoraBell


Timeless and personalized wedding gifts long enjoyed are LoraBell' s specialty. If you are the bride, the wedding event planner or the guest in search of that special something which will make your gift a standout or make your wedding distinctive, rest assured you have found that gift, theme or party favour which will delight and be treasured for eternity.

Seven designs offer variety in form yet all retain the high quality craftsmanship for which we are known. More than decorative, most of these artisanal bells sport ringing mechanisms allowing the musically tuned bronze bell castings to resound with pleasing joy.

These lovely bells can be used in lieu of rice to mark the union, grace the reception tables, thank your guests and clergy, or simply and elegantly be the most unique gift a guest could present. Even if you are not having a church service, LoraBell brings the wedding bells to all venues. Each in the collection promises continued enjoyment over the years and can be passed through the generations to follow.

Let the LoraBell Wedding Collection, with personalized engraving included, take your traditional wedding to a higher, memorable level. Your choices are certain to please.

Proudly Made in Bucks County, PA, USA